Unlock huawei modem When looking for a way to browse the Internet on your laptop or desktop at home, the Huawei 3G Modem comes in handy. But unfortunately, these modems are locked to one particular network because each GSM network providers in has their own customized Internet modems. Therefore, for some reasons or the other, you might want to unlock your locked modem. Huawei Modem Unlocker does no harm but enables you to be able to use any network SIM on one particular modem. For example, if you have a MTN Fastlink modem, you can not use it with a glo SIM because it is locked. But if you unlock the MTN Fastlink, you will be able to use it, not only with a MTN SIM, but also with any other network SIM. So I will be sharing with you 3 simple methods you can employ to unlock your huawei modem free of charge. 3 Methods to Generate Unlock Code for Your Locked Modem USING ONLINE TOOL This method requires you to generate the unlock code using a free online tool. Follow the steps below to get the code: - Click here to visit the free online unlock code generator website - Check through the list of supported modem models - If you find your type of model, enter your modem IMEI number into the provided box and enter the captcha code - Click Calculator. And within seconds, your unlock code will be calculated and generated for you. USING OFFLINE METHOD This involve the use of unlocking software to generate the unlock code. With this, you do not need to connect to the Internet. 1. Huawei Unlocker Software Huawei Unlocker is a free tool that can be used to unlock any huawei USB modem. - Click here to download Huawei Unlocker - After downloading, launch it - Enter your modem IMEI number (the IMEI number can be found at the back of your modem) - Click Unlock and copy out the Unlock Code to a safe place. 2. Universal MasterCode Software Universal MasterCode is also a free PC tool which is used to  Huawei Modem Unlocker - Click here to download Universal MasterCode - Launch the program - Enter your modem IMEI number (the IMEI number can be found at the back of your modem) - Click Calculate and your code will get generated in a twinkle of an eye. Note 1: The Universal MasterCode software can also be use to generate unlock and master codes for ZTE modems, NEC, LGkg110, VK and Nokia phones. Note 2: While generating your unlock code, you will also be given a Flash Code. This is useful in case you enter incorrectly the Unlock Code 10 times. Then use the Flash Code to unlock it. Your Flash Code is just like the ‘PUK Code’ of your SIM Card.